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Better Rides proudly present AtmosFear - a unique adrenalin experience that is a UK exclusive!  You won’t find this awesome attraction anywhere else...

This incredible ride features 16 outward-facing spinning and free looping seats as well as swinging 80 feet over the top in a 360 degree action, allowing passengers to experience both a weightless sensation and forces of 4.5g - unbelievable dynamics that offer unrivaled thrills!

AtmosFear Ride

The ride has adopted a menacing industrial theme which really makes it stand out from the crowd.  The spectacular artwork (a product of weeks of hard work and collaboration between our team and the talented designers at manufacturer Technical Park), state of the art LED lighting and an amazing sound system combine to ensure that AtmosFear is THE ride everyone will want to experience and have wowing the crowds at their events this year.

AtmosFear Ride

Since its debut, AtmosFear has accumulated a firm fan base, with many event-goers not content with just one ride... they ride again and again and again! Some dedicated fans even travel many miles just for their “AtmosFear fix”! It is this repeat custom and loyal following that show that AtmosFear is quite possibly the most exciting mobile attraction around.

See AtmosFear In Action!  Watch The Video...


Some important points to consider if you want to hire AtmosFear are:

Is there enough space on the ground? AtmosFear requires a space of 53ft width x 44ft depth. You must then ensure there is adequate space for your visitors to maneuver around the attraction if placed in a main area or walkway.

Is there enough headroom? AtmosFear swings 80ft (24m) over the top, so there must be adequate height clearance with no overhanging trees or cables etc.

Is there enough room to turn and maneuver a long articulated vehicle around the area? You must think about the width and height of gates and entrances as well as around the site itself.

The nature of AtmosFear is such that riders will experience fast, disorienting and violent motion. Persons with the following conditions should therefore not ride AtmosFear: Broken bones, back or neck problems, heart conditions, recent surgery, pregnancy or any other condition that may be affected by a ride such as this.

Persons of certain body shapes or sizes may not be able to fit into the passenger car seats.

You must be at least 140 cm in height to ride.

AtmosFear Ride
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